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Shareef started in Ciro, Egypt. It was after a tragic car accident that he turned to music to express himself and seek solace in an unforgiving world. He began to establish himself in the rap and R&B scene, becoming known locally. After many countless hours, releases, and renditions Shareef started to get noticed for his unwillingness to fail. Wanting an opportunity, the young artist strived to sign with a record label but had no luck initially. Nevertheless, Shareef continued to produce, polishing his music and creating his own style in an up and coming music genre. Shareef went on to work with high profile artists such as Belly and Danny Fernandez. Today, we celebrate the work of Shareef and the enjoyment of his music.

Scalecube designed and developed a bold website to showcase the artist's work and allow listeners to quickly browse and find his music.

Getting staight to the point the large format and bold design on the hero section of the home page says it all. Shareef is here and he's here to stay. This experienced artist wanted to make a splash with a transition to the digital world, this big bold website does just that.
Showcasing Shareef's work is key. A simple grid design that highlights the Album's artwork and allows interested listeners to hover over the album for basic information, or click on it and find out more.
Shareef is now available to anyone, on all major streaming platforms and we wanted to make him available to all of his listeners. Quickly browsing songs is made easy and at any time can be drilled into to get links to the song or album on all of the major streaming services.

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