Created a professional and digital presence for BI service company

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Business Intelligence


Increase in meetings booked compared to pre-website launch. Scalecube successfully developed a professional website to help IBI could persuade potential clients

One Platform

for all business inquires. IBI can now manage service requests, meeting booking, inquires, and portfolio showcase from their website


Web Design
Digital Marketing


Responsive Design
Email Integration

Breaking down the Business Intelligence barrier to entry for SMB

Business Intelligence is one the the hottest buzz words across all industries. Many want to implement it, few understand it. Small, medium, and large businesses strive to make better decisions, create value from their data, and drive their bottom line. The problem at hand is building the bridge between the forward thinking businesses and the business intelligence professionals who can help.

This hero design is meant to convey the vast, ever expanding, and sometimes dark world of Business Intelligence to the viewer. Using the brand's "burnt sunshine yellow" on small elements creates the feeling of guidance, counsel, and direction in the complex BI world. The design is meant to make viewers, and ultimately businesses, feel comfortable getting help with their business. Data, analytics, BI, and decision making are all complicated but they don't have to be so scary with the help of a business intelligence professional, IBI.
Business intelligence doesn't have to be a fancy tool that only fortune 500 and vastly rich companies use. IBI hopes to have open discussions with SMBs to talk about how business intelligence can help them. A sleek, focused contact page as well as professional and clean business card designs will help to achieve this.

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