Rebranded and Redesigned HamAlton's digital appearance


Property Maintenance Company


Increase in engagement on site. Bounce rate was significantly decreased


Average amount of time spent on site increase. This lead to more visitors taking action: Calling and filling out the quote form


Web Design
Digital Design


Responsive Design

Professionalism unmatched in the local market

Lawn care and snow removal is a popular local business in Calgary. The market is saturated with long standing legacy businesses as well as newer younger companies. Although, all of them share one commonality which is that their digital presence, being hard-working service businesses, is lacking. Often times, looking extremely unprofessional and not well put together. Scalecube Rebranded HamAlton and completely redesigned their website. While simple, the website exemplifies what a professional, handy, and honest service business should look like. Clients and customers are greeted with readable, understandable, and truth worthy language and imagery. Contacting and requesting a quote is so easy a grandma could do it (Which happen to make up a good chunk of HamAlton's cleintbase).

HamAlton is setup for success and blows all other Lawncare and Show Removal companies out of the water from the moment a customer reaches their website.

The HamAlton design is meant to be visually "easy" in that it is appealing, on brand, readable, and easily-navigable. Everything you could possibly need to know about the business is a click away and if you are the type to get to the point than any form of contact is even easier.
Part of the rebrand and redesign, Scalecube wanted to make it as non-intimidating as possible for clients to request a quote from HamAlton. All of the calls-to-action promote a friendly, professional, and easy to fulfill quote requesting system. This allows HamAlton to funnel more clients into their sales process while also providing a better experience than most brands. Requesting a quote can be done in whatever form a client prefers: By email, phone, contact, or website form.
We Simplified their quoting process by designing a responsive quote form which clients can fill out and get immediate service.

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