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BuyMyRide Canada

Recognizable Brand

BuyMyRide can now use its simple and recognizable brand to market everywhere

Easy to use website

As BuyMyRide's users are usually older and are in search of a simple way to get cash for their cars, the ease of use of the website was crucial


Creative and Strategy
Search Engine Marketing
Web Design


Responsive Design
Advanced CMS

Simplifying car trade-ins online

BuyMyRide offers an easy way to to recycle your car and get cash for it, all within a short period of time. BuyMyRide can often times qualify a car, come and pick it up, and pay cash on the spot within 24 hours. This simple business is unknown to many and therefore not many people consider recycling their car and leave it to rest, wasting space and materials.

Scalecube was tasked with designing a brand and website which would educate and encourage people to recycle their unwanted vehicles. The resulting brand, a simple, friendly and inviting logo and colour scheme inspires people to take action. The website is subsequently a simple design which answers the questions everyone has upfront, and then provides a seamless experience in which customers can apply for cash.

The simple and inviting branding that Scalecube developed for BuyMyRide. It offers a scaleable design which could be expanded across the country.
The landing page for BuyMyRide. Scalecube made it easy, understandable, and inviting for visiting customers to know how it works and apply for cash.

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