A simple & elegant online T-Shirt store and Google shopping Ads


T-Shirt Company


Increase in repeat customers. Previously been run solely off of instagram the 6ixtees brand saw an increase in repeat business after launching their new website


T-Shirt ordering, printing, and delivery. Scalecube integrated the website with a T-shirt dropshipping business so that 6ixtees could focus on novel T-shirt design, not logistics


Search Engine Marketing
Web Design


Responsive Design

Toronto's New Favourite T-Shirt Store

How do you separate yourself in a saturated world of business (100,000 + T-Shirt Stroes)? You design simple but completely custom T-Shirts, specific to the local culture and time. Scalecube has allowed 6ixtees to graduate from instagram and have a real online store. Simple and Elegant enough to show off the niche designs.

To kick things off and generate awareness of the newly upgraded business, Scalecube ran live Google Shopping Ads to promote the local business and drive some initial sales.

The whole store, black & white design, as well as the actual products follow suit. The client wanted an extremely simple store design so customers could focus on the custom T-shirts, and appreciate their Toronto-inspired design.
To continue with the elegance of black on white and product focused design, the contact page exemplifies just that - using simple promotion of the @6ixtees Social Media brand and hashtag.
Because the store was brand new, Scalecube setup Google Shopping Ads to boost awareness and drive conversions using a highly targeted niche demographic. 6ixtees is just what the 6ix (Toronto) is looking for, and Scalecube made it all possible.

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