Scalecube - a new kind of Digital Agency

A new Kind of Digital Marketing Agency, one that separates from the rest. With a strong focus on User, Design, Experience, and Effective use of technology Scalecube is a different breed of agency.

You might be thinking “Oh great, another digital agency that claims to be new and exciting and different” and we totally understand that. That's why we’ve put pen to paper and wrote out exactly why we think we’re different than the rest. And yes, we’re excited about that.

A focus on people

Here at Scalecube, our main focus is people. Our employees, our clients, and the vast variety of people that make up all of the unique markets that us business people live for. We believe that without people, there is nothing. You can have the greatest product, service, idea, store, website, location, etc. but if there are no people, there is no business and more importantly no livelihood. Our friends, family, colleagues, and clients are what we share our experiences, emotions, ideas, and life with. Without a fundamental focus on people life and therefore business is rendered pointless. People are our main focus, passion, and obsession. Our business is helping other businesses connect with people, so we think it is pretty important that we design, strategize, and develop our business around them.

The power of a Journey

A lot of digital agencies talk about a funnel, magnet, or catching net and miss the whole point of digital marketing in the first place. A digital marketing agency’s job is to help a business develop a brand, strategy, and the technology that makes the cogs turn in order to drive business. There are many strategies to do this but the one that escapes consideration all to often is the Customer Journey. A customer journey is more than just throwing out a net and hoping to catch the right fish or jamming as many people into a ‘funnel’ as possible and praying that some make it out of the other end actually understanding and wanting to engage with your business. You can see our full take on the Customer Journey Here. A customer journey is a more sustainable and scalable strategy to acquiring, servicing, and retaining customers. Scalecube likes to focus on the customer journey, thoroughly planning out each step of every unique market’s journey.

Creativity + Flexibility = Robust Scalability

Not every strategy, budget, or technology works for every business. A business needs to understand itself and its customer in order to form a high quality acquisition cycle. Everyone wants customers and every forward looking business needs to think about how their decisions now will affect them 6, 12, 18 months down the road. Scalecube is an expert in technology and tailor’s every strategy to the unique business and market. A winning combination of creativity, innovation, analytics, and flexibility separates Scalecube from the other digital marketing agencies. So, what does that actually mean? We’re glad you asked.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is more than just fancy designs and bright colours. Creativity is thinking like the customer, putting their needs into perspective, and then developing points of engagement for those customers to fulfill their needs, wants, and beyond. Creativity is integrating automations, best practices, and high quality interactions so that every business’ customers feel like the most important person in the transaction. Creativity is having the courage to mix new technologies, try different strategies, and constantly question the status quo. Many people think innovation means brand new. Innovation exists in many forms. Innovation is bringing creativity into fruition. At Scalecube, we avoid general and economic stasis by bringing refreshing ideas to life.

Analytics and Flexibility

We’ve all been there: You have a brilliant idea, put it into action, and it doesn’t turn out like you thought it would. These days business is more competitive than ever and every single customer needs to be worked for. Sometimes, things don’t work out how we wanted them to but even worse is continuing to do the same thing hoping it will turn out. “Those who do the same thing over and over again and expect different results” will waste time, money, and effort.  Just like the aphorism, digital marketing needs to be approached with absolute honesty. When things aren't working they need to be adjusted, cross tested, and re-worked. Business need to be flexible and especially in their marketing. Scalecube takes an analytical approach and scrutinizes every strategy and implementation in order to continually grow and improve.

So why is Scalecube different, and why should you care? Well, we focus on what matters, the people. We take a more sustainable and scalable approach to everything we do in order to create highly effective brands, businesses, campaigns, strategies and customers. Finally, Scalecube analyzes everything in order to continually improve and deliver results that we can stand by.

Please, get in touch at if you want to discuss your business, project, idea, or problem. We’d be happy to help.

We are Scalecube. A design and strategy agency for businesses who want to grow