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Branding and website design

Custom PDF tools and software

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Scalecube completely rebranded Try67 and designed a website to match
Website Design and Event Promotion

An outdoor culinary experience like no other.

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Designed website, landing pages, emails, and social media content for unique dining event
Professional, Modern website with easy client quoting

Professionalism unmatched in the local market

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Rebranded and Redesigned HamAlton's digital appearance
Designed brand, website, and advertising campaign

Simplifying car trade-ins online

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Branding and Website design
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What our client's are saying

We have many events and are constantly updating, I appreciated working with Scalecube because they were always available. Their work is very functional and the price for the quality of service and delivery is well worth it.
Francis E.
Co-founder, Dine Under The Stars event group
We have received a lot of praise on our website. It has allowed us to establish a professional reputation and grow our business.
James Alton
Partner, HamAlton Property Maintenance
Scalecube created a simple and effective website and launched a google shopping campaign to quickly transition my business from instagram to an online store
Founder, 6ixtees custom t-shirts
We owe a lot of our success to Scalecube. They helped us re-brand and develop a website that we never even imagined possible. Now, we easily out perform our competitors because of their design work.
Sam Househ
Partner, BuyMyRide Canada

Our Culture, Values, and Beliefs

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People First

The user is the most important person, no matter what. We put the user first and this allows us to design fantastic websites and products that people love.

Design Driven

While functionality is of utmost importance, we believe great design builds great businesses. Having a unified, unique, and beautiful brand, website, and advertising material helps establish and grow any business.


Being honest in communication, whether to our clients, in the Ads we create, or any other form of communication is absolutely paramount to us. We believe honesty is key to successful relationships, marketing, and businesses.

Start with why

Often times people get caught up in what they're doing and forget why they do it. Starting with why, or conducting yourself and your business, from a highly focused motivation produces great results. It is crucial that we, and the materials we create communicate our why, and our customers' whys.

Build for scale

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of many efforts coming together to seize an opportunity. Here at Scalecube we work with our clients to develop scaleable technology solutions and marketing strategies.

Have fun

We do what we do because we love it. We believe being passionate about our work, job, or function is crucial to overall success and growth as a person and business.

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We design websites and develop marketing strategies for businesses who want to grow

Tell us about your project